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Pinkoco, more than a store.

It’s an experience, it’s traveling to warm beaches and their palm trees, it’s discovering aromas coming from the Italian countryside, to the white color from Ibiza, the Nordic lightning with candles… In general, walking through its doors is a taste for all the senses, even more if you’re one of those that carry an adventurer within themselves who love escaping from Madrid for a while.

Inspired by countries like Sweden and the Netherlands, and loyal to the concept “less is more”, Piero wanted to transmit (helped by decorator Luis Puerta) the same thing trough the decoration of his shop, as well as what is sold in it.
A clean, minimalist, fresh, beautiful and elegant aspect; one again the elegance of less is more.




What they have is never repeated. According to each season but as valuable and appreciated objects that if you don’t take one it may change to another wonderful one but not the same. Bags, for example, are unique, always creating new models, never ruled by season but by pieces.

What’s behind Pinkoco?

Piero Furia -from Verona, Italy- is the owner, but also the designer and creator of many of the pieces from his store. He’s Pinkoco’s maker. The name comes from one of his dogs, named Coco, and the pink color from the typography of the logo.


What can you find at the shop?

He gets inspired by his many trips, experiences and memories from all the countries he travels to. (For example, the soaps are inspired by Morocco).

His bags and “tote sack” are handmade and created at his atelier. New design, beautiful and, above all, with its own personality.

«The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness». —Massimo Vignelli

Bags: inspired by the feathers of Parisian cabarets (like the well known Lido), ideal to be combined with jeans and a t-shirt as well as with a long dress at a party.
The “tote sack” are fantastic to take to the gym, the beach or for a more casual look. Beautiful and comfortable.

*The bags are the most exquisite items of the store (not only for the materials but also because of the price). But there’re also amazing details more economic, but just as beautiful as the bags.
Thus, capricious ones should be careful because it’s very easy to end up taking home any special object.

Artisan candles with strong smells of opium, lemongrass, vanilla & coconut and jasmine.


Pinkoco green candles



Natural body beauty products: soaps, creams, oils, with insuperable smell and texture. Inspired by the citric (orange and lemon trees) from his home town.

Pinkoco body oils

Pinkoco body oils

And many decoration objects each more special…


Why selling decoration, fashion and beauty products?

Because Piero believes it goes all together, it makes sense to look beautiful inside and outside and what’s better than surrounding yourself by beautiful things to feel better.


We stress:
Pinkoco soaps are incredible! Their smell and the softness left on your hands once you use them makes it a “must” to try.
The bags are also wonderful… Have you seen them? There’s no need to say anything else ;)

Curiosities & News:
From this week on “Il bar” of Pinkoco starts from Thursday to Saturday. You’ll have the chance to enjoy a drink at the wonderful bar top located inside the store

And if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find a wide selection of green gums to take to your mouth as well as some nice glass jars to take home.

Stay tuned because a new collection of jewelry and custom jewelry designed by Piero will arrive to the shop!

For those living in northern Spain who can’t come to Madrid as much as they want to, Piero and his brand Pinkoco can be found at the hotel Marqués de Riscal. All the “Lifestyle” section of the hotel is ruled by him, so you’ll be able to get his creations.
And of course…there’s an online shop!

Excellent bar top to enjoy a drink

Excellent bar top to enjoy a drink



Creativity and good taste everywhere. His next idea is to make a montage to turn the shop into a peach trees garden, but it’s not only that, he has a thousand more ideas to decorate the shop in a unique way, to make it a real experience to walk inside it.
That’s what we could appreciate at the shop’s opening before Easter, a beautiful and cozy party with a magical environment.
Pincoko opens its doors in:

C/ Santo Tomé,
Close to Plaza de las Salesas,
Justicia, Madrid

*Although Pinkoco just opened a shop in Madrid, it’s been many more years of career. Specialized in body products, a tradition that comes along his family.









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