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I had taken two finger-bowls of champagne, and the scene had changed before my eyes into something significant, elemental, and profound.

The Great Gatsby (Chapter III) Francis S. Fitzgerald

Flowers are able to express and symbolize the perfect feeling, whatever it is the occasion and if they’re accompanied by such a special beverage like champagne, the combination turns into something perfect to join any romantic soiree.

Now, we suggest you some original and simple ideas that match perfectly this delightful French drink with something as fresh and natural as flowers are:


Red roses in ice cubes

Red roses in ice cubes:

This idea is very simple. The result is these romantic and delicate ice cubes, which are perfect to cool your champagne bottle.


Wild hibiscus flower

Wild Hibiscus Flower:

Hibiscus flower is a variety that can be found in warm environments and tropical regions. This flower has symbolized delicate beauty, virtue and desperate love since the Victorian Age.

There are many different varieties and colors but today we’re using an intense red colored one that can easily be found in syrup in gourmet stores. Red is the best color to represent love, passion and emotion!

This flower will turn your glass into some kind of pink and will give it a sweet and special flavor.


Edible rose petals

Edible Rose Petals:

This is a suggestion that always succeeds! Rose petals will bring a very exclusive and romantic touch to your drinks.



Champagne & flowers popsicles

Champagne and flowers popsicles:

This idea is for the brave who want to try exquisite things and do not fear the cold!

Fill these popsicles with your favorite flowers and champagne. The result will not disappoint you!


For a romantic and special Valantine’s day, Sally L. Hambleton suggest these:

Special Valantines box:

This wooden box contains, among other things, a red and green rose bouquet and a bottle of  Moët Chandon… You can check it out here.

“De Luxe” special Valantine’s day Picnic Basket:

The basket contains two plates, two glasses, a botle opener, fabric napkins and cutlery. Also, one roses’ or wild flowers’ bouquet, one Moët Chandon bottle, one Mr Wonderful titled “Historias tuyas y mías y de nadie más” and a zinc heart.

You can see it here.

If the day it is too cold or rainy to picnic outside, would you consider «going to picnic» to your home’s living room?



Which one of the suggestions, we are giving you here, would you take? Do you have any other idea on how to combine flowers and champagne?


You can have too much champagne to drink, but you can never have enough.

Elmer Rice


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