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The famous American chef Julia Child believed that

A party without a cake is just a meeting.

We feel as well that a cake it is essential in any celebration. Perhaps it is because of our happy childhood memories, which include our wonderful birthday cakes, and everything surrounding that important and magical moment. Lights got dimmed, your loved ones sang whishing you happiness, and you even got to make a wish and blow candles! Therefore, cakes bring magic. Today we visited a wonderful cake factory:


We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams.

-Willy Wonka; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl-


The creator of this beautiful and cozy place is Paula Machin. She received us with a warm welcome in her artistic and delicious world in Madrid (Located here). She offered us a perfectly served tea (Paula is English) and she sat with us to share her story and her adventures with Cream Bakery.

Like all artists, she is passionate about her work. She loves baking since she was a child. She remembers being in the kitchen and helping, and being thought by, her mom. Baking is something natural to her culture, thus, baking runs in her blood.

She is a hard working woman with a desire to do the job well. Paula is detail oriented, a perfectionist, and very creative. She creates and sells luxury cakes, cupcakes, brownies and cookies among other British sweets. They are luxurious, because she uses only the highest quality ingredients, she elaborates everything from scratch, and she creates exclusive and bespoke cakes for her clients. You will find a very personal treatment in this bakery.

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She opened her shop five years ago, and some of the challenges she has faced go from baking a wedding cake for 500 guests, to creating an entire “power point” presentation with cakes for a corporate event. Yes, every detailed “power point slide” was a different cake!

Cream Bakery is the best place, hands down, for cupcakes and British/American style cakes with perfect and beautiful finishes.



The open style kitchen where you can admire how the sweets are created (and see how clean and nice everything looks!)

The exclusivity on their cake’s design, made just for you!

A personalized treatment.


You can bring a piece of fabric of your wedding dress (or picture) and Paula will recreate some of the patterns on your wedding cake.

Their naked cake it is the most perfect and well done, which is both, perfect and delicious (not like the ones on pinterest, which look perfect but are not eatable!).

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Phone: 91 250 03 03


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